We are offering innovative energy technologies to optimize efficiency and accelerate energy transition to net-zero emissions towards the goal of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

ETT projects are divided into five technology categories, namely:

Gas Technology,
Energy Efficiency,
Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS),

that are all vital to the Energy Transition, please visit Project Categories page for more information.

ETT’s latest projects

ETT has developed a patented technology that can be applied to mature gas producing wells, resulting in:

Acceleration of reserves with a higher flow rate (up to 2x) compared to the conventional velocity string.
Higher reserves (up to 3x) compared to the conventional velocity string. Depending on the gas well specifics this could lead to an reserves gain of 30-50 MM Nm3 (~EUR 20-40 million – assuming gas price of 0.76 €/m3).
Prevention of CO2 emissions of 700-2000 tons per intervention job.

Please visit Gas Technology page for more information.